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The best dessert delivery in Chicago

Whether you're craving ice cream or you'd just like a bag of candy, we found the best desserts you can get delivered

Photograph: Andrew Nawrocki
Oatmeal Raisin Cookies

Sometimes, your late night eats are just not enough. You want something sweet, something that'll satisfy your sweet tooth without ever having to leave your house or change out of your pajamas. We get it. That's why we rounded up all of the desserts you can have delivered to your apartment—from candy to ice cream—and picked out what fared the best on the trek to our door. So whether you want some delicious macarons or doughnuts, these Chicago sweet spots have you covered.

The best dessert delivery in Chicago

Insomnia Cookies

If there's any time you want a warm cookie, it's definitely late at night. Insomnia Cookies is, without a doubt, your best bet for freshly baked late night cookies. The variety is fantastic—you can pick and choose between what you'd like most. We're fans of the double chocolate chip and peanut butter chip, but you'll be satisfied with whichever cookies you decide on. Order it on the Insomnia Cookies website.

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Lincoln Park

Molly’s Cupcakes

Few things are going to feel more luxurious than getting cupcakes delivered to your doorstep—it’s the perfect if you’re struggling with a birthday present or someone drops the cake. Molly’s delivers all of its flavors (although we're quite partial to the vanilla cupcake with brown butter icing), so you can go wild for your friend's party, or treat yourself to Netflix with a side of cupcakes. Order it via Postmates.

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Lincoln Park

Jeni's Splendid Ice Creams

Getting ice cream delivered is a risky move, but sometimes a pint of Breyer's just won’t cut it. Enter Jeni’s, the ice cream shop you’ve undoubtedly been waiting in line for all summer long. Postmates will deliver a pint of any flavor of Jeni's ice cream (we’ll be lusting after you forever, sweet cream biscuits and peach jam) or two pints if you’re getting wild. We love the salted peanut butter with chocolate chunks, straight out of the pint with a spoon, sitting on our couch in our sweatpants. Order it via Postmates.

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Do-Rite Donuts & Chicken

Did you feel like ordering the office doughnuts this morning but didn’t quite make it there? It’s alright, Do-Rite has you covered. You may not be able to pick exactly what doughnuts you get in your dozen, but it doesn’t matter because they’re all delicious. Extra points if you happen to get multiples of the original glazed—in our eyes, you’ve won the doughnut lottery. Order it on the Do-Rite Donuts & Chicken website.

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Alliance Patisserie

For the most distinguished of nights in, look no further than Alliance Patisserie. You can order just a few macarons to indulge in, or you can grab a whole dozen. The fruity flavors suit us just fine, and the vanilla is creamy with a crisp shell and soft insides. Grab a box to share with your friends or to cap off the cheese and charcuterie plate you put together, paired with a nice glass of wine. Order it via DoorDash.

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River North


You may not get your pick of candy when ordering from Candyality, but you won't have to run to the convenience store to get your sugar fix. Pick from choices like Chicago-based candy stores or a bag of gummy bears—you won't be sorry. Order it via Postmates.

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Lake View

Warm Belly Bakery

Warm Belly delivers some truly outrageous cookies—like cookies covered in Fruity Pebbles—and what you get is totally up to the bakery's discretion. Of course, make your own call if you have any favorites (the Fruity Pebbles one is not only colorful and fun, but quite tasty as well), but for a fun box of random cookies, you'll be pleased with your selections. Order it via Postmates.

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Little Italy, UIC

Pan Hellenic Pastry Shop

Shortbread cookies remind us of the holidays, buttery and smooth with filling in the middle, and these ones from Pan Hellenic Pastry Shop do the trick. They're amazingly buttery and quite quick on the delivery—and if you want to splurge a little, you can even order lots of assorted pastries to share with friends. Order it via Grub Hub.

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The best desserts in Chicago

Chicago's top pastry chefs know what people want: ice cream, doughnuts and pie. But while they've mastered—and elevated—traditional desserts, the best spots go above and beyond, with s'more macarons and chamomile creme brulee, to name a few. When you have to end your dinner with the best, here's where to find the best desserts in Chicago.

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By: Cate Huguelet


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