Krk prosciutto (Krčki pršut)

Croatia's best delicacies: Krk prosciutto

Croatia's best delicacies are protected in Europe

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Marc Rowlands

Croatia has some of its food products protected at both a national and European level, their status designated by their unique place of origin. Krk prosciutto (Krčki pršut) is one of them.

Unlike its Dalmatian counterpart, the prosciutto or, locally, pršut produced on the island of Krk is not smoked. Nor is it air-dried with the skin off, like that made in Istria. Instead, the strong, seasonal winds which visit the island, such as the Bura, assist in the natural drying process.

Lying northerly, in the Kvarner region, the rocky and hilly island has been battered by countless invaders and harsh winds over many centuries. The latter has had such an effect that the island's south-westerly corner is almost barren.

Holding a more delicate flavour than smoked varieties, this richly-fatted meat pairs extremely well with the sharp and dry white wines more typically produced in the region. Pepper, rosemary and bay leaf are added to the preserving salt of Krk prosciutto before the drying process begins and these flavours sneak into the sweet, slow-matured taste of the meat, which is best served in extremely thin strips.

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