Things to do in Korčula town

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By Justin McDonnell

The main street, Ulica Korčulanskog statuta, leads to St Mark’s Cathedral, one of the finest examples of Dalmatian church architecture and design. Taking three centuries to build, it features several styles, including Gothic, Romanesque and Baroque. Beneath it is the sarcophagus of St Theodore, the protector of Korcula. Here you can also see St Mark with St Bartholomew and St Jerome, an early work by Tintoretto, whose Annunciation also stands in the south nave. Next door, the Abbey Treasury contains a collection of Dalmatian art from the 15th and 16th centuries. Opposite the cathedral, the Town Museum, set in a 16th century Venetian palace, contains a copy of the fourth-century Greek tablet from Lumbarda, the earliest evidence of civilisation on the island. Down a side street is the excellent Icon Museum and, entered through it, the 14th-century Church of All Saints.

The Memorial Collection of Maksimilijan Vanka, on the water-front near the Monastery of St Nicholas, shows the art nouveau and Expressionist works by this 20th-century painter and hosts temporary exhibitions by renowned Croatian artists throughout the summer. 

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The best things to do in Korčula town

The Brasserie and G&T lounge
© Tin Orešković

11. G&T Club Lounge and Brasserie at Hotel De La Ville

5 out of 5 stars
Restaurants Korcula Town

Set a few steps from the western entrance to the Old Town, the terrace of Hotel De La Ville captures the days of Korčula’s belle époque. Since 1912, this was the spot to enjoy coffee and excellent wine from local vineyards, where the captains of the docked ships gathered, as they do now regularly at a table near the hotel entrance, reading the papers, discussing the weather and political developments among Korčula’s smart set, beneath the shadow of blooming oleanders. The terrace is now just as grand and pleasant and the charm of its bygone days is well preserved, although the menus are updated with trendy summer cocktails featuring gin from the bar’s extensive collection. If you find yourself lingering long after the first drink, preferring the natural shade to the heat of beach, the daytime bites provide excellent replenishment, from the high-grade local pršut, cheese and Torkul olive oil, to the chocolate, carob and orange flavors of the Arula cake from the bakery. At night, the bistro serves traditional dishes with a contemporary French-inspired twist: the handmade Žrnovo makaruni pasta, the risottos, among them a delicious blacker-than-black cuttlefish option, and a selection of fresh fish dishes keep visitors happy as they watch the sun disappearing on the horizon, followed by orange-infused crêpes or the refreshing lemon sorbet.

Arula Ethno Bakery
© Arula

12. Arula Ethno Bakery

5 out of 5 stars
Restaurants Pâtisseries Korcula Town

Arula is not the most ornate spot in town, yet its location at the start of Korčula’s flowery western promenade makes a pretty sight. The sweets they sell are authentic and outrageously good; but stop by on the early side, before the apple and cherry pies are gone. The bakers here still make traditional sweets like the Klašuni biscuits and the Utopljenik (drowned man) sweet breads, many of these distinct to Korčula. But choices are tough to make and you are inevitably tempted to take at least a few to go, as you should also try the satisfying, old-fashioned marmalade doughnuts, or indulge in the ultimate treat — the Arula cake, a delightful mix of chocolate, oranges and carob — all at prices from a pre-touristic era.


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