Eat local with the 11 freshest farm and market-to-table restaurants in Israel

Locally-sourced food, fresh from the fields, oceans, and markets...what more can one ask for?

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While the international Tel Aviv restaurant scene is expanding faster than anyone can keep up with, there is still something truly special about eating locally. Restaurants across Israel are staying true to the land, water, and elements with locally-sourced ingredients drenched in abundance. They are farm-fresh and coming from some of the best Israeli markets around. Paired with delicious wines straight from the Golan and Galilee region, these 11 farm and market-to-table restaurants are a must for the perfect, timeless dining experience.

11 farm & market-to-table restaurants in Israel worth a reservation



This intimate spot on Ibn Gvirol is the epitome of local cuisine. Showcasing olive oil, fresh fish, meat and a fabulous selection of wine, the only rule here is that it must be from Israel. Each dish is executed with sophisticated simplicity where vegetables take center stage alongside fresh cheeses, charcuterie and more.

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Kitchen Market

Located in the Tel Aviv Port’s indoor market, this market-to-table restaurant serves up seasonal dishes bursting with creativity. At Kitchen market, you can enjoy breathtaking views of the sea while indulging in some of the best contemporary Israeli food in the city. Handcrafted by artisanal chef Yossi Shitrit, the gourmet cuisine is harmonious, while each dish surprises and soothes at the same time.    

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Tel Aviv Port

Michael Bistro

After years of running Tel Aviv's successful Herbert Samuel, chef Michael Grotofsky decided to uproot to northern Israel. This destination restaurant has a warm, welcoming, and rural vibe and authentic farm-to-table dishes, all creatively using the best locally sourced ingredients. Discover delicacies like cauliflower tabbouleh, ‘arais’ (juicy grilled lamb on pita with eggplant and parsley), and fresh gems from the sea. Dedicated foodies come from far and wide to taste chef Michael’s creations.

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Located in a beautifully secluded garden in one of Eilat’s most veteran neighborhoods is a charming market restaurant and wine bar by the name of Pedro (the only restaurant in Eilat to include a wine bar, featuring a large selection of labels, including local wines from the Red Sea Winery). Chef Tal Hershkivitz who runs the kitchen introduces his diners to fascinating culinary experiences as he takes them on a voyage into the wonderful worlds of flavor, color and enchanting aromas: Moroccan-style ravioli with fish, an original take on Israeli couscous, their signature Tournedos Rossini, and more. If the aromas alone don’t instantly win you over, you can give me a call.

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Located in the Sarona Compound, Claro is a farm-to-table restaurant with a cozy and welcoming vibe. Chef Ran Shmueli, one of Israel’s most well-loved chefs, celebrates fresh local produce with creative ingredients, a big open-kitchen, a tabun (brick oven) and fresh fish, meat, chicken and handmade-pasta and breads. The bar seating around the open kitchen is the perfect spot to soak in the atmosphere, and get a good view of this beautiful restaurant.

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Ilan Garussi’s much-loved restaurant can be summed up in a combination of fresh seasonal ingredients, sensational seafood and a keen attention to detail. Though its speciality is seafood, this Mediterranean hot spot serves up food of all sorts, like hand-made pappardelle with tomato butter, colorful seafood risotto and slow-cooked Japanese barbecue short ribs.

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Mishkanot Sha'ananim
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