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Istanbul’s best soups

Istanbul’s best soups, the restaurants that make the best soups…

Even though ready to make soups seem to satisfy those that are busy working or living the single life nothing compares to a fresh made pot of hot soup. Especially if that soup is made by the hands of master chefs. 

Best Soups

Apik İşkembe

Since 1947 Istanbul’s most famous place for tripe Apik has been welcoming customers in Dolapdere, in a venue squeezed between auto mechanic shops. 

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Can Oba Restaurant

If you’ve heard about Can Oba before you’ve mostly likely heard great things. If you haven’t heard about it yet, don’t be surprised; the venue is more concerned about serving great food at a great price. Named after the master chef in the kitchen, this restaurant is a minor phenomenon, described by Vedat Milör as “a restaurant befitting of Istanbul”.  

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Shorba İstanbul

  • Even though Shorba, meaning ‘salted water’ in Farsi, features a menu focused on soup you can also find recipes from Turkish and international cuisine. As expected the menu features a wide variety of soups. This venue is actually the continuation of Çorba da Çorba (Soup Soup) in Ataşehir but it changed its name to Shorba for they aim to become an international chain. 

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Kanaat Lokantası

Kanaat Lokantasi has been serving customers in Üsküdar for 73 years. Every morning it opens its doors at 6 am preparing to serve soup to its regulars who drink it for breakfast. Everyday the restaurant makes 5 soups; ayak-paça (calves-foot) soup, işkembe (tripe) soup, mercimek (lentil) soup, ezogelin (red lentil and bulgur) soup, while the 5th option varies. The 5th soup is sometimes yayla (yogurt) soup, tomato soup, or chicken broth with rice or orzo soup.

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Otantik Anadolu Yemekleri

The kesme soup (noodle soup), authentic yuvarlama soup (Turkish gnocchi soup) and cold soup are the most popular. The kesme soup, which is especially made in Erzurum and Erzincan, uses lentils, potatoes, dozens of spices, and noodles. 

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Hünkar Lokantası, famous for its paça (calves-foot) soup, opened in 1950 in Fatih, continued operating in Nişantaşı for a while and also has a branch in Etiler. The other soup varieties change on a daily basis. Among them are yayla (yogurt) soup, strained lentil soup, milky hunker soup, milk spinach soup, milky noodle soup, tripe soup, vegetable soup, and green lentil soup. 

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Tarihi Haliç İşkembecisi

Tarihi Haliç İşkembecisi, located in the Golden Horn, the symbol of old Istanbul, across from the Fener ferry pier, is one of the district’s oldest venues. Serving customers since 1938, the venue’s soups are as appealing as its views of the Golden Horn. 

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Kaktüs Kahvesi

The Kıtır Bey’le Çıtır Hanım is a unique and delicious dish on the menu made up of red meat and wheat bread. Enjoy one of the their salads on the side. The lemonade and alcoholic beverages are the most preferred options off the drinks menu. The red wine tomato soup has become a classic. If you haven’t been to Kaktüs yet we strongly suggest you do so immediately for it is one of Beyoğlu’s must-see venues. Kaktüs opened another branch in Cihangir that is a bit more spacious and features a winter garden. The menu is more or less the same except for some minor differences. The only constant is the warm Kaktüs atmosphere. 

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Kör Agop

This is one of Istanbul’s oldest meyhanes and the fish soup is the all time favorite. In fact it is said to be the best place that makes fish soup. Actually Agop Usta was the one who added the seasoned fish soup to the meyhane culture. 

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Located in Gayrettepe and Etiler, Şayan is one of the city’s most famous and fashionable restaurants. Among the most delicious soups on the menu, prepared by chef Hüseyin Özen, are the tripe, damar (vein), and calves-foot soup. Of course for those who don’t like meat lentil soup and tomato soup are also available. Şayan, one of Istanbul’s most fashionable venues, can accommodate 100 people, with a 50-person capacity indoor area and a 50-person capacity garden. This is the last stop for many people after a long night of partying, especially football players and singers. It is especially full on the weekends in the middle of the night. 

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