Agatha Christie's 'The Mousetrap'

Agatha Christie's 'The Mousetrap'

Aside from being one of Agatha Christie’s most celebrated works, ‘The Mousetrap’ also holds the distinction of being the world’s longest running play and West End’s longest running theatre production. To commemorate the 60th year of performances at London’s West End, the legendary murder mystery play and its all-British cast will make their way to KL.

Set in the winter of 1952, seven individuals are stranded in a snowstorm at Monkswell Manor. When policeman Sergeant Trotter manages to reach the remote guesthouse to warn its inhabitants of a murder at a neighbouring farmhouse, an elderly guest is murdered. What ensues is a whodunit that centres on a chilling fact – that one of the remaining six in the house is the killer.

Despite ‘The Mousetrap’ being around for the past six decades, the momentous twist in the ending has largely been kept under wraps, as audiences have been traditionally asked by the lead actor at the end of the show to not reveal the secret. Borders and BMCC members can enjoy ten percent off all ticket prices, while tickets purchased before Aug 31 also come with a ten percent discount. Watch the trailer here. Wong Boon Ken

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