Ali Mabuha: Kembara di Sarang Seni

Ali Mabuha: Kembara di Sarang Seni

Ali Mabuha (Ali Rahamad) was one of the founding members of the famed and decidedly bohemian group of artists called Anak Alam in the ’70s. A man replete with life experience (his CV reads ‘1973-2007 – personal journeys and experimentations throughout the world’), his art should prove to be as interesting as its creator. While you’re there, check out the gallery’s other exhibitions for the month: a small exhibition and book launch for ‘Perjuangan Pak Sani’ (Pak Sani’s fight) (Until Jan 31) in Gallery 2B, the Kuala Lumpur International Batik festival at the Reka room (Until Jan 31), and ‘Conceptual Art’ in Gallery 1A, which features a selection of conceptual artworks that curator Faizil Sidik has picked out from the national collection (until Mar 26).

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