Arangetram � The Gift by Ng Xinying

Arangetram � The Gift by Ng Xinying

Arangetram – The Gift by Ng Xinying For any aspiring Bharatanatyam dancer, the Arangetram, which is the student’s maiden onstage performance following years of rigorous training, is a momentous occasion. ‘The Gift’ marks the much heralded Bharatanatyam debut of Ng Xinying, who is highly regarded along the corridors of ASWARA. ‘Ng is one of the brightest dance talents Malaysia has ever seen with an innate ability to perform several dance forms,’ describes Joseph of the technically gifted Johor native.

Since beginning her training five years ago, the Bachelor of Dance (Performance) final year major has blossomed into one of the leading lights from the Faculty of Dance’s multicultural dance programme. This two-hour solo show sees Ng taking on the intricate classical Indian dance style alongside a customary live Carnatic ensemble. Only 300 seats are available to catch ‘The Gift’, so RSVP early at to confirm your place and discover what all the hype is about.

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