Art Expo Malaysia 2014

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Jia Youfu’s ‘Shepherd’sChit Fung Art, Hong KongSong’ Jia Youfu’s origins in the Chinese countryside have played a salient role on the powerful landscapes that he paints. In ‘Shepherd’s Song’, the artist’s hand at ink painting is no less potent, with a bright orange sun poking from beneath black-tipped clouds, and the curves of the mountain range stretching majestically across the composition.
Latiff Mohidin’s ‘Pago Pago’ (1968) University Malaya Art Gallery, MalaysiaA classic from one of Malaysia’s premier modern artists, ‘Pago Pago’ has made it into the annals of Malaysian art history and works from this series are heavily sought after in both local and international auctions. This particular piece is a rhapsody in blue, with abstract shapes hinting at the natural forms that inspired it.
Edo Pillu’s ‘Unification of Self Series #9’ (2014) Art Front Gallery, SingaporeThere’s not an inch uncovered in Edo Pillu’s canvas, where a flower-print motif commands most of the real estate. Taking centre stage, however, is a human figure. You only see his or her arched back and dramatically bent arms, and the entire figure is covered in a tribal geometric print that contrasts perfectly with the painting’s background.
Nara Yoshitomo’s ‘pUpUpU’ (1987)William Art Salon, TaiwanNara Yoshitomo is best known for his doe-eyed children and effortless, endearingly naïve style. Older work ‘pUpUpU’, however, is a glimpse at the roots of Nara’s signature pastel-coloured offerings of today. Raw and grisly, the awkward-limbed boy in this work belies its maker’s identity, and the crude brushstrokes demand a second look.
Jesus Curia’s ‘Bench 1’ (2014)ATR Gallery, Spain No stranger to Art Expo Malaysia, Jesus Curia returns with a recent piece that’s both playful and a testament to the artist’s skill in sculpting with bronze. ‘Bench 1’ intrigues us with its clever fusing of a figure and the geometric lines, and the gradual oxidisation of the bronze lends an added layer of character to the work.

The fair’s ninth instalment promises to be bigger and bolder. Look out for the two Special Project booths for artworks on a grand scale.

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