DPAC Arts Festival: Amboi! Baba Meets Nyonya

DPAC Arts Festival: Amboi! Baba Meets Nyonya

The celebratory 200th performance of ‘Emily of Emerald Hill’ (Apr 17–20, 24–27) by Pearlly Chua is the star attraction at DPAC’s maiden performing arts festival, which is inspired by Peranakan culture. Also look out for Marion D’Cruz’s ‘2 Minute Solos’ (Apr 12–13), Fairuz Sulaiman’s ‘Main Wayang: Hikayat Sang Kancil’ (Apr 19–20) and Kuah Jenhan's latest standup comedy show, 'Kuah Jenhan: Good, Bad, Nasty!'.

Kicking off the festival are two art exhibitions: 'Baba Nyonya in Dream' by visual artist and choreographer Lee Swee Keong, and 'Strait(s) Ahead' – a group exhibition curated by Niki Cheong which sees various local artists ponder over the past and present of Peranakan culture through various mediums.

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