Elements 5

Elements 5

The Dutch-Malaysian connection of Ardy Timmer and Shia Yih Yiing provides the backbone for the highly anticipated group exhibition ‘Elements 5’. The line up is completed with a trio from India, namely Deepika Gupta, Preet Badhwar and Reena Kochar, who first crossed paths at Timmer’s RASA art appreciation group and Shia’s art classes. United by their shared passion for creating art, four of the artists showcase paintings on canvas and paper while Kochar delves into the world of sculpture.

‘Elements 5’ sees the talented quintet expressing their individuality through their efforts, with Shia, for instance, utilising the trophied deer as a symbol of a thriving nation plagued by greed in her poignant paintings. This group exhibition has also proven to be an enlightening journey for these artists, whose preparation was aided by regular meetings and feedback amongst themselves. Wong Boon Ken

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