KakiSENI Festival: Kata Tindak Seni forums

KakiSENI Festival: Kata Tindak Seni forums

This forum is held in conjunction with KakiSENI Festival and features three different sessions, each discussing the country's perception and progress in the field of performance arts.

Session #1: The Role and Purpose of an Arts Council (11am-12.30pm)
This talk aims to answer the question of 'do we need an arts council' and if the industry can function well without it.

Session #2: Art and the Creative Economy – Good Business? (2pm-3.30pm)
In the second session, find out how performing arts can be recognised as a contributor to the country's economy.

Session #3: Audiences for Arts: Outreach and Engagement (4pm-5.45pm)
How does one engage and sustain an audience, existing and new? Learn how to conduct meaningful and sustainable outreach programmes and whether we fund enough of these audience engagement activities.

The talks will be held at the Platinum Room, Level 7, Pavilion KL.

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