KakiSENI Festival: Odin Teatret workshops

KakiSENI Festival: Odin Teatret workshops

In conjunction with KakiSENI Festival, Odin Teatret will be conducting three workshops everyday from Apr 25 to 27. These workshops are free and will be conducted by Odin Teatret, who hail from Denmark and have been established since the 1960s, so grab this once in a lifetime chance.

Workshop 1: Text and Actions - Relationship between text and physical stage
This class deals with a particular physical approach to text and the text’s presentation. Interested participants are required to learn a text of their choice by heart before attending. Download the registration form here.

Workshop 2: The Presence of the Performer
Boost your stage presence with this class, especially if you're an actor or musician working in theatre. Just bring your chosen musical instrument and learn a text by heart before coming to this workshop. Register here.

Workshop 3: Street Theatre Basics
Budding street performers may get some useful tips at this class. No requirements, just sign up here.

All workshops are held at the Event Hall of Farenheit 88 except Street Theatre Basics which will be at Platinum Room, Level 7, Pavilion KL.