KakiSENI Festival: Rebab Berbisik

KakiSENI Festival: Rebab Berbisik

Rebab Berbisik depicts the anguish felt by a prominent figure in Mak Yong named Paksu Mat whose contributions and sacrifices to the art of Mak Yong are forgotten. There are no heirs who are willing to carry on the art; not even his own children, Mimi and Azri, who both have divergent personalities.

Mimi is a transgender working at a night club who left the village to escape discrimination. Meanwhile, Azri is an ustaz educated at the Al-Azhar University in Egypt, who struggles with the dilemma of advising his father to abandon the art that's forbidden in their religion. Paksu Mat also constantly reminisces about his wife, the late Mek Ning, a beautiful and famous Mak Yong performer during the glory days of the art.

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