Lafaz Gema

Lafaz Gema

Fresh from their brief stint at the International Folk Festival of Martigues in France, members of the 22-strong HANDS 2 outfit will come together for ‘Lafaz Gema’. HANDS 2, founded in 2005 to differentiate itself from the original core HANDS Percussion team, will showcase five experimental pieces exploring the realms of poetry and beyond.

In addition to works by guest choreographer Kathyn Tan, you can also look forward to ‘Xie Le’, a captivating new gamelan-meets-shigu (stone drum) composition by HANDS Assistant Artistic Director Jimmy Ch’ng. Homage to the ancient stone drums with poetry incisions from the Qing Dynasty? Perhaps, but one thing is for sure – sticks and stones will break theatrical and visual ground when the gifted HANDS 2 troupe takes the stage for ‘Lafaz Gema’. Wong Boon Ken

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