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MINDMIX Haslin Ismail

Haslin Ismail returns with 16 pieces of meticulously rendered drawings and collages on both canvas and paper in a riveting solo exhibition that’s bound to set pulses racing. The Johor native, widely recognised as one of the most promising next-generation artists in the country, has certainly come a long way since his debut solo exhibition, the compelling ‘Exorcismus Persona: Windows into Fantasy Worlds of Haslin Ismail’ in 2009, and MINDMIX is testament to that growth.

The award-winning talent continues his fascination with complex image-making and effervescent visuals in his latest body of work, which reflects his personal stance on some of the pivotal issues plaguing today’s world – torrid wars, the advent of boundless technologies and power-hungry political leaders, you name it. Contemplative, surrealistic and highly frantic, Haslin’s eerie, intricate compositions offer an insight into his fascination with life’s many uncertainties and humanity’s inevitable demise.

Event phone: 03 7880 0991
Event website: http://www.g13gallery.com/