Initially staged in Singapore in 2009 and 2011, the play is also set in the Lion City. Sahirah is a Singaporean Chinese who meets and falls in love with a Malaysian Malay man whom she weds and moves to Malaysia with. A few years later, to her dismay her husband decides to take a second wife, prompting her to seek a divorce, gain custody of young Nadirah and return to her homeland.

Fast forward to the present and Nadirah, who is 20 years old, now attends a madrasah school where she’s the popular vice-president of the Muslim Society. The mother-daughter dynamic is troubled by a conflict arising from Sahirah’s decision to marry Robert, who is a devout Christian, which results in Nadirah trying to change her mother’s mind. The play is directed by Jo Kukathas and stars Patrick Teoh, Redza Minhat, Farah Rani and Ani Juliana Ibrahim.

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