No Talking Points

No Talking Points

Seven artists from the Philippines take centre stage at TAKSU this month with ‘No Talking Points’, a highly anticipated group exhibition where the septet showcase artworks that transcend the struggle between verbal and visual discourse. The result is an eclectic variety of pieces, ranging from mixed media and oil on canvas works to sculptural installations crafted from salvaged junkyard items.

The artists on show at the exhibition are Bernardo Pacquing, Cris Villanueva Jr, Elaine Navas, Hubert San Juan, Juan Alcazaren, Lyle Buencamino and Nilo Ilarde. Pacquing, in particular, is noted for his majestic use of organic and synthetic materials in creating narratives that portray mankind’s insatiable need to push physical boundaries. Another to look out for is Buencamino, who composes his eye-catching paintings by combining retro movie stills with idioms. Wong Boon Ken

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