Nuqtah: Asal Mula Sebuah Tradisi

Nuqtah: Asal Mula Sebuah Tradisi

While most modern art aim to shock, Islamic art exudes calmness. Where others inject surrealist elements to appear different, Islamic art – khat particularly – pushes the limits of creative boundaries; how else could the letters and Quranic verses be displayed time and again, yet still found to be ever pleasing? 'Nuqtah: Asal Mula Sebuah Tradisi' exhibits 24 khat masterpieces created by six artists: Abdul Baki Abu Bakar, Mohd Fadil Sulaiman, Mohd Zulfikri Mohd Sobri, Mohammad Firdaus Mahadi, Muhammad Ekhsan Md Haniff and Mohd Zahamri Nizar. Coorganised by Satu: Creative Collective, all proceeds from this show will be donated to selected charity bodies. Demonstration activities and dialogues will also take place on August 4 and 11.

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