Philippe Gaulier: Master Class in Acting

Philippe Gaulier: Master Class in Acting

Philippe Gaulier wears many hats in the arena of acting and live performance. His multiple designations include author, director, master clown, playwright and professor of theatre, but he is most sought after as a master teacher, having honed the skills of notable actors such as Emma Thompson, Helena Bonham Carter and Sacha Baron Cohen.

To kick-start Kakiseni Arts Exchange 2012, the Paris-based teacher himself will come to KL to conduct a five-day master class in the fun and games Le Jeu approach developed by Gaulier himself. Aspiring actors, experienced thespians and all others involved in performing arts wanting to further improve their skills are encouraged to apply fast, as intake for the master class is limited to only 35 participants and registration deadline is on July 16. For further details, visit Kakiseni's official website.

If you don't wish to take part in the master class but are exorbitantly curious about what makes a world class act, you can also opt to simply observe Gaulier in action. At RM53, 'Le Jeu Watch' welcomes theatre enthusiasts to sit and watch as Gaulier conducts the last session of his workshop on August 18, from 2pm to 4.30pm.

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