“…the ceiling floats away with a sigh..” by Rajinder Singh

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the ceiling floats away with a sigh
'Architecting the regulating diminishing line' by Rajinder Singh

Showing at Wei-Ling Contemporary, the modern nuances of the London-based artist’s work are truly at home here. If you’re familiar with Rajinder Singh’s oeuvre, you’ll see that much has changed. In earlier times, the artist’s mathematical background dominated his large portraits of human faces, but recent pieces veer towards abstraction, with a heavy focus on the medium; in the flesh, you’ll note layer upon layer of sculpted acrylic paint on large pieces of acetate.

Rajinder’s monochromatic paintings have links to the artist’s three-year studio research at the Institute of Contemporary Arts in Singapore (2009–2012), where the themes of space and knowledge reigned, and there’s a meditative quality with the works mirroring light leakage effects found via aperture openings and architectural voids. Sound dreamy? Wait for the catch: The works are continuations of the artist’s research on traumatised bodies.

By: Rachel Jena

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