The Pleasures of Odds and Ends: Landscapes, Figures, and Still Lifes

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The Pleasures of Odds and Ends: Landscapes, Figures, and Still Lifes

Gan Siong King has been absent from the local art scene for the past half-decade, with his last appearance being a solo exhibition at the now-defunct Project Room at Valentine Willie Fine Art. Still, that hasn’t affected the allure of Gan’s work – a much sought-after series of paintings that depict seemingly mundane objects and scenes, laced with his own unique brand of sardonicism.

Missed out on these old outpourings? Get yourself over to Feeka this month and revel in the artist’s cynicism over a cappuccino or two. Gan’s long-awaited solo sees the reappearance of his tongue-in-cheek style with artworks that’ll either leave you with a raised eyebrow or a little smirk on your face.

Gan’s depictions of everyday objects aren’t for everyone, but curators OUR ArtProjects contend that these works – driven by that great digital repository of all things visual, Google Images – are ‘not mere representations but re-representations’. The work ‘Bodhisattva’ sums it all up well. A painting of a heart-shaped diamond, Gan’s appropriation of a pre-existing appropriation of the real thing is a clever remark at the altars that today’s society worships, and if you miss the point being made, then you’re frankly missing out.

By: Rachel Jena

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