White Rabbit, Red Rabbit

White Rabbit, Red Rabbit

In a premise that would make for compelling reality TV, a different performer reads from the same absurdist script onstage for the very first time every night and immediately acts it out without any prior direction or rehearsals. The mystique surrounding this spontaneous, bare-bones theatre piece is intensified by the fact that the playwright is an Iranian who’s unable to obtain a visa out of his country as a result of his refusal to join mandatory military service. 'White Rabbit, Red Rabbit’ sees Nassim Soleimanpour using his enforced isolation in his homeland to creative effect, spinning an absorbing tale about animals and social conditioning that has gone on to become an Edinburgh Fringe darling and an international sensation.

There'll be a different performer taking the stage for each show, reading in either English, Bahasa Malaysia or Mandarin. On the bill are:

Feb 19, 8.30pm - Ghafir Akbar (English script; pictured above)
Feb 20, 8.30pm - Iedil Putra Alaudin (Bahasa script)
Feb 21, 8.30pm - Anne James (English script)
Feb 22, 3pm - Sharifah Amani (Bahasa script)
Feb 22, 8.30pm - Pete Teoh (English script)
Feb 23, 2pm - Ee Ling Tang (Mandarin script)
Feb 23, 4pm - Kuah Jenhan (English script)

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