Zenadh Kes: Art is Life

Zenadh Kes: Art is Life
'August 23 1898'

The Torres Strait Islands are but tiny specks on the world map, but this chain of islands that lie in between Australia and Papua New Guinea boast turquoise waters and stunning vistas, where rock, reef and greenery collide to make for postcard-worthy views.

But don’t let these idyllic features eclipse the islands’ other visual delights. This month’s exhibition at Shalini Ganendra Fine Art promises a chance for your peepers to experience a lesser-known part of the island: its contemporary art. Presenting the works of Brian Robinson, a Torres Strait Islander whose works have been collected by key institutions like the National Gallery of Australia and the National Gallery of Victoria, ‘Zenadh Kes: Art is Life’ follows in the footsteps of the gallery’s past efforts to introduce aboriginal art to KL’s art-loving community. Robinson, in particular, fuses aboriginal forms with a distinct contemporary language of his own to create beguiling works.

Best known for the graphic style in his prints, the artist’s KL solo features nine museum-quality prints – lithographs, linocuts and etchings – with subject matter drawn from his culture, and strong narrative forms that play on the rich tradition of storytelling within his community and its mythical tales. A succinct but sumptuous show, ‘Zenadh Kes: Art is Life’ follows in the wake of Robinson’s Vision Culture Lecture talk at the gallery just last month.

By: Rachel Jena

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