Freeing Room

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Freeing Room

The concept behind Freeing Room revolves around Ouroboros – a fictional organisation created by evil leader, Mr X – which has dominated the world for more than 800 years following the discovery of hidden treasure. Set in the 18th century and going all the way into the 24th century, the games are correlated in chronological order: ‘The Treasure Era’, ‘War World 007’, ‘Biohazard Lab’, ‘Future Factory No.6’ and ‘The Dark World: Zombie Returns’. Whether it’s decoding top security codes or spying on Nazi operations, your escape lies in your abstract thoughts, observation, planning and most of all, communication skills – all within 45 minutes.


Venue name: Freeing Room
Address: Level 2
72A Jalan Cerdas
Taman Connaught
Kuala Lumpur
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