Train To Busan Horror House Experience

Resorts World Genting pays homage to the blockbuster film by offering this hyper-reality experience which is the first of its kind in the world.

Train to Busan
Photo: Grace Yap
Time Out in partnership with Resort World Genting |

All aboard! The Train To Busan from Resorts World Genting. Drawing inspiration from the blockbuster 2016 South Korean zombie apocalypse movie, the horror house entails stopping at all stations, including the zombie-infected Seoul Station, the over-run Daejeon station platform and the toxic Chemical Cargo Train en route to Busan. So, local and global fans will be familiar with the story of a father and daughter attempting to survive among a zombie outbreak.

Roger Ong, Assistant Vice President of Entertainment & Events from Resorts World Genting said “I hope that everyone will have a very good time,” says Ong. “We have spared no expense in recreating and replicating the world of the blockbuster film Train To Busan. It is truly a unique set-up and we hope our guests will love the experience. This Horror House is part of our drive to continue innovating and consistently introducing new and unique experiences found nowhere else in the world but at Resorts World Genting. The Train to Busan railway office is now open. I have my ticket, and I hope you do too. Please come aboard and let Resorts World Genting take you on a thrilling ride.” 

The creator of the horror experience Jed Mok, Chief Executive Officer of VividThree said “We asked ourselves: what we would do if we were one of those ordinary, everyday Koreans that somehow got caught up in a zombie apocalypse? What would have happened if we made a different choice in those scenarios, compared to what was done by the movie’s characters. It was really fun to brainstorm over what could be done and how we could expand the universe. But it was also a huge challenge, as working with a successful IP like Train to Busan is a daunting task, not least because there are so many fans around the world that love the movie. I believe we have done a great job and come experience it yourself!”

Maze in Lost in Dajeon
'Maze in Lost in Dajeon. Photo: Resort World Genting

The experience consists of several areas with its own set of interactive activities. Following the plot of the movie – where the father and daughter meet in Seoul for a trip to Busan – the first part of the Horror House is themed around Seoul Station. Guests will find themselves trapped in an apocalyptic version of the gigantic train station, fending off zombies and traps as they battle through environments such as the Long Corridor, the Toilet, the Supermarket, the Café and the Mirror Maze to reach their goal: the train that will take them away from this hellish nightmare.

Moving on to the second part of the Horror House takes place on the actual Train to Busan where the movie’s characters had to battle their way to the front car of the infected train in hopes of surviving the journey to Busan. Horror House tasks guests with a challenge: to make it from Train Platform and Passenger Train Carriage, through the Chemical Cargo Train and CDC Lab, to safety. The alternative will be falling as one of the infected and returning to haunt those brave enough to continue their adventure. Get to sanctuary, or fall trying.

At the two Base Camps, guests who have survived the ordeal of the train can take up arms against the horde of zombies in various Virtual Reality and other interactive activities. These include strapping on body armour and wielding guns to defend the quarantine areas from invading zombies – just like the finale of the movie – or fighting against time to develop a cure from the ravaging virus. 

A Seoul Retail Street greets you at the front of the house before entering into the actual horror house. Featuring the best of Korean cuisine and K-pop culture, you will find a variety of Korean street food vendor as a reward for all those that have survived the horror of the Train To Busan.

The Train To Busan Horror House experience is open from now till December 1, Fri - Sun and 2 December 2 - January 1, daily. Priced at RM90  (RM80 for Genting Rewards Club members). A Train To Busan Horror House and Skytropolis Preview Pass combo package priced at RM128, or an additional RM30 for Express Pass. For more information, visit