Zhong Wan Xian Shi temple

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Zhong Wan Xian Shi temple
Photo: Hizwan Hamid

Go on a meditative stroll inside this 135-year-old temple dedicated to Lord Zhong Wan, who was a respected doctor during his lifetime. This doctor of Huizhou descent was known for treating the sick and helping the poor, and the community established a temple in honour of his good deeds. The temple’s architecture and ornaments are simple – almost cartoonish – because the Pudu community in the olden days was too poor to hire skilled craftsmen. Enlist the expertise of the temple’s fortune teller, who’ll beckon you in to meet your future.


Venue name: Zhong Wan Xian Shi temple
Address: 7–9 Jalan Pasar
Kuala Lumpur
Opening hours: Daily, 8am–5pm

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