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Don't run? Fit Rebel Runs is here to help

Written by
Melissa Mazlan

We all have that friend whose idea of a good time is running an intimidating marathon and sweating it out. And then there's you; couch potato extraordinaire who tried running once and decided you're allergic to movement.

If you feel like being an active spud instead, the Fit Rebel Runs around KLCC should help you get moving. Designed for those who don’t run, participants meet every first and third Sunday of the month in front of Dome KLCC at 7.30am. They then run, jog or walk along the KL Car Free Morning route from KLCC to Kuala Lumpur City Hall (DBKL) and back. After the 30-minute exercise, runners cool down in the park and head for breakfast together.

Unlike gym membership fees, you only pay RM5 each time you run with the Fit Rebel runners. Every participant gets an attendance card which will be used to track your sessions. After ten runs, the club will sponsor your participation in a run such as the Malaysian Women's Marathon and Bloodrunner. If this sounds competitive, fret not, the goal is to have fun and enjoy the experience.

All runners also get 50 percent off fitness wear on Fit Rebel. To participate, email a day before the run to confirm your attendance, and show up on Sunday with RM5 to start running.

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