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IKEA will open in Cheras this November

Syarifah Syazana

Update (Oct 30): The wait is over! IKEA Cheras will officially open on November 19. Now watch this pun-tastic promo video (and get Cheras to IKEA Cheras next month).

Lovers of Swedish furniture and meatballs, you'll be happy to know that IKEA will finally, after almost 20 years of having just one outlet in the entire country, be opening its second Malaysian store in November. The location? Cheras. Jalan Cochrane to be exact. IKEA Cheras will also be 20 percent larger than IKEA Damansara; on top of our wishlist is a bigger food hall so we can enjoy our meatballs in peace without another family hovering over our table, guilt-tripping us into eating all ten pieces in ten minutes.

Here's what the new opening of IKEA Cheras will mean for us all:
1. KL can actually say it has an IKEA. You know, instead of leeching off what's technically Selangor territory.
2. Going to IKEA will no longer be synonymous with 'road trip!' to folks not living in or nearby the area. Less time spent on the road, more time to contemplate whether you really need that pack of colourful napkins too pretty to even use for the fanciest of house guests.
3. A bigger store should (hopefully) mean more space to manoeuvre (but sadly this probably won't save you from having to dodge the inevitable horde of kids running around).
4. There will be two IKEA stores to fulfil the Swedish furniture-shopping needs of the entire country. TWO. More good news: There are plans to open one in Penang and Johor Bahru within the next ten years
5. You can no longer make fun of your friend for being from Cheras.

IKEA Cheras will open on November 19. Get updates on  

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