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Introducing Amplify FM, Malaysia’s first online radio station to play only local music

Amplify FM screengrab

Malaysia is ready for a radio platform dedicated to Malaysian-made music. Enter Amplify FM, the country’s first online radio station to exclusively play only local music by homegrown musical talents. It’s available by streaming on computers, phones and tablets.

To critics who say that there simply isn’t enough good local content to fill up the airtime, Amplify FM will lay to rest that argument. Featuring exclusive tracks and even full albums from many Malaysian bands whose names should be familiar to you – Kyoto Protocol, for example, and Froya – the radio station will introduce a world of local music to listeners, as well as finally giving Malaysian artists the airtime they deserve – that is to say, 24/7 and without commercial interruptions to boot. 

Featured artists on Amplify FM include electronica duo +2dB, pop punk outfit An Honest Mistake, jazz trio Bassment Syndicate, singer-songwriter Bihzhu, theatrical pop group Fazz, R&B/pop act GTXperiment, acoustic soft rock band Jumero, dance rock outfit KissKillMary, electropop duo Macropsia (in which Froya is one-half of), radio-friendly pop musicians Paperplane Pursuit, singer-songwriter Talitha Tan and blues rock band The Endleaves.

Also, here’s a sneak peek of what’s next to come for Guinness Amplify for the rest of the year: Firstly, the Amplify Live Tour returns in September to host free weekly shows featuring local acts in Klang Valley, Ipoh, Penang and Johor; and secondly, a two-day celebration and performances on Sep 30 and Oct 1 will take place at Publika.

On the latter, gear up for a gathering of the industry’s who’s who; there will be in attendance international producers, managers, festival bookers, and record label executives (dubbed the Amplify Academy), as well as a recording studio, which will give 12 local bands the opportunity to cut their first track for free and to go home with a professionally-produced recording. To bands who wish to record in the studio, pre-registration is essential and can be done a click away at

Tune in now.