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Japan's FamilyMart is coming to KL

Family Mart Japan
Photo: Lo Chun Kit/iStock

Looks like our local convenience stores will have to step up their game. According to a report by Asian Nikkei Review, everyone’s favourite Tokyo-based 24-hour convenience store FamilyMart will be open in KL by the end of 2016 (thanks to a licensing agreement with local agri-food company QL Resources).

One of the largest convenience store chains in the world (with a presence in Japan, China, Taiwan, Philippines and Thailand), FamilyMart is known for their eat-in areas and extensive food selection (think bento, pasta, oden, fried chicken, onigiri and the like). While waiting for the green, white and blue palette of FamilyMart to arrive in KL, maybe we can head to the 7-Eleven at Publika for some udon then.