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Out now: IPPUDO saké pairing

IPPUDO sake pairing

IPPUDO’s latest deal will give you a crash course on saké without breaking your budget: You can now try out three different types of saké paired with finger food for only RM29+. Happening daily at IPPUDO, you will have the opportunity to find out more about saké, from the rice polishing rate to the different categories and flavour profiles. This is the perfect deal for beginners as it provides a good introduction to the various types of sakés and their individual characteristics.

Here are the pairings and flavours you can expect: the first is the Shirataki Josen Junmai Ginjo that’s light and has a hint of floral sweetness, which pairs well with the Salmon Roll with Avocado, bringing out the flavour of the fish. The second pairing of the dry and fruity Nanbu Bijin Honjozo Karakuchi helps balance out the saltiness of the Mushroom Wrapped with Bacon. And finally, the bold flavours of the Ozeki Josen Kinkan Karachi cuts through the spiciness of the Spicy Chicken Wing, allowing you to dive back in for more.

This all-day deal is only available at IPPUDO Bangsar Shopping Centre.