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Out now: Royce' x Softsrve

Royce' x Softsrve

Now that it’s hot out, beat the heat with ice cream and go for the Royce' x Softsrve cups: minimalist soft serve with premium Hokkaido chocolates and cookies. Once you’ve entered the store (and escaped the too-sunny outside), try the honey matcha soft serve with pieces of Royce' Baton cookies coconut and Royce' R Chocolate Gianduja. Go for the modern topping with black sesame brittle, yogurt espuma and milk jelly cubes, or the traditional option with kinako crunch, Hokkaido red bean paste and shiratama dango. Best way to cool off, no?

The Royce’ x Softsrve collaboration is available until March 20 at Softsrve outlets in Damansara Uptown and Sri Petaling at RM16. For more info, visit