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Out now: Taster Box by The Roast Things

Taster box by The Roaster Things

Here’s some good news for filter coffee lovers: The Roast Things are introducing their new Taster Box of filter coffee beans. At RM68 per box, you’ll get a handpicked selection of ten 15g packets (five pairs) of different single origin whole beans. Each packet is perfect for one serving, and they each include key information about the beans: its origin and region, which farm the beans came from, what altitude they were produced at, along with the processing method (washed or unwashed). 

Note that the contents of the taster box will change every now and then, depending on the availability of the beans – just think of it as a surprise with every new box you buy. Plus, The Roast Things accept pre-orders if you’d like to give them as gifts.

You can also pop by their café Cream to taste and learn more about filter coffee from the baristas. We like how they serve it here; the filter coffee is done two ways (hot and chilled), allowing you to taste the different characteristics of the beans at different temperatures.

Another piece of good news for night-time coffee drinkers: Starting September, Cream will be extending their operation hours every Friday to 10.30pm.

The Taster Box is available at The Roast Things and online at