Out now: The Lepak Game

Written by
Joyce Koh

What is it?
Best played at the mamak, The Lepak Game is a Malaysian version of ‘Cards Against Humanity’. Conceptualised by Stephen and Trixie Hanlon who wanted something to unite and bring Malaysians closer, this is a game designed for Malaysians. 

How do you play it?
Players begin with eight blue cards each. Then the ‘boss’ throws out a yellow prompt card (for example: ‘Atas’), and other players have to supply a card of their own (‘Kedai Runcit’, ‘thangachi’, ‘phantom voters’, etc) that fits the prompt card best. The boss then shuffles the answer pile, reads the answers out loud (at this stage, players can attempt to bodek the boss), then picks ‘the most Malaysian response’, effectively awarding the chosen player a point. That player then becomes the next ‘boss’. During the course of test-playing this game, we found out that a member of the team didn’t know what ‘muka seposen’ meant. 

What’s in it?
The deck contains 600 cards, including power cards (‘Bersih’: get rid of cards from your hand for new ones, ‘Donation’: forces players to donate a card to you, ‘Blank’: you can come up with your own fitting response, and more), and expansion packs are in the works. Remember, the rules are flexible (the funniest response, etc). Don’t say we bojio.

Available at RM99.

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