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Perak number nine on Lonely Planet’s ‘Best in Travel 2017’

Photo: Joyce Koh

To the excitement of jetsetters (and tourism boards everywhere), Lonely Planet has released their list of ‘Best in Travel 2017’, a selection of travel inspiration for the next year. Good news – Malaysia has made it on the list. While the list consists of ‘Best Countries’, ‘Best Cities’, ‘Top 10 Value’, good old Perak is listed number nine on the list of Top 10 Best Region. It shouldn’t come as a surprise; after all, Ipoh was number six on Lonely Planet’s ‘Best in Asia 2016’ earlier this year.


Here's why: according to Lonely Planet writer Anita Isalska, Perak not only delivers outdoor thrills (Royal Lake Temenggor in the Royal Belum State Park, Kinta Nature Park which boasts ten species of hornbills, the vast limestone caves of Gopeng, as well as the temples embedded in the cliffs of Ipoh), ‘a bloom of vintage-style cafés and boutiques’ (ahem, Kong Heng) in historic Ipoh, but also has environmental sustainability tourism highlights on Pangkor Island.


A white kopi kaw and a toast to Perak.

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