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Sit tight 'Game of Thrones' fans, the Iron Throne is coming to KL this weekend

Game of Thrones Iron Throne
Photo: Helen Sloane/HBO

Why would any self-respecting adult fantasise about sitting on a jagged throne spiked with – legend has it – the swords of a thousand fallen enemies? But this is the iconic Iron Throne of the Kingdom of Westeros after all, one that has endured much bloodshed with a monarchical power that cannot be bought, even if you have a bank account the size of the Lannisters’.

Luckily, you can now sit on the Iron Throne (albeit a replica) for free this weekend.

In conjunction with the premiere of ‘Game of Thrones’ season six, the most coveted chair in pop culture will be making its round across three locations: Publika (Apr 23, 11am-5pm); Sunway Pyramid (Apr 24, 11am-2pm) and The Curve (Apr 24, 4pm-7pm).

Better, those who decide to take pictures with the throne might also win exclusive ‘Game of Thrones’ merchandise. Surely, they’re thinking of giving away dragons, yes?

‘Game of Thrones’ season six premieres the same time as the US on Apr 25, 9am with same day primetime encore at 9pm, HBO (Ch 411/431).