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The 10 best Simple Plan lyrics

Written by
Su Ann Ng

Welcome to our lives. We pay tribute to the Canadian pop punk band’s angsty anthems with the top ten Simple Plan lyrics every former emo kid will – can – never forget.


From ‘Perfect
Best for: When you mess up your eyeliner.


From ‘Welcome To My Life
Best for: When you shop away half of your pay cheque the first week of the month and have to eat roti canai for the next three weeks.


From ‘When I’m Gone
Best for: When Instagram pulled the ‘Stories’ stunt (Instagram is Instagram and Snapchat is Snapchat, fam, don’t challenge the status quo).


From ‘Addicted
Best for: When it’s Sunday night and you realise you wasted the whole weekend binge-watching Netflix.


From ‘I’m Just A Kid
Best for: When your friends make plans without you.


From ‘I’d Do Anything
Best for: When you’re stuck at work and you can’t wait to go home to your cat(s).


From ‘Untitled
Best for: When you’re stuck at dinner with a date from hell.


From ‘Me Against The World
Best for: When you had to file your taxes, like, yesterday but you don’t know how to.


From ‘Save You
Best for: When your iPhone charging cord gives up on life.


From ‘Shut Up
Best for: When an old acquaintance calls you up to sell you insurance or worse, to invest in his MLM plan.

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