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The six species of marathoners in KL

Written by
Joyce Koh

1. The Power Couple
The Power Couple trots along, hand in hand, going through life’s little challenges together. This particular kind is either born without sweat glands in their palms, or the heady mix of oxytocin and adrenaline makes them oblivious to clammy hands, whether their partner’s or their own.

2. The Non-runner
The Non-runner seems to have missed the memo that in order to participate in marathons, one has to run. This genus waddles along in groups, catching up on each other’s love lives. We suspect they’re designed for the very reason of blocking the way of serious marathoners.

3. The Brand Ambassador
The Brand Ambassador follows the major sports brands on all social media channels. Decked head to toe in perfectly coordinated neon Dri-FIT outfit, the Brand Ambassador knows that marathons are one of the only acceptable venues to play dress up in their favourite gear.

4. The Fun Runners
With super cool Ray-Bans or Illesteva shades, the easily identifiable Fun Runners rally around marathons with supporting acts (The Music Run, The Color Run), preferably in distances that their delicate bodies can cope with.

5. The Shirt Collector
The direct opposite of the Brand Ambassador, the Shirt Collector (usually a male) absolutely detests shopping. The scientific community has agreed that the Shirt Collector joins marathons just to get his paws on the super-comfy marathon shirts. Not that we blame him.

6. The GoPro Dude
The GoPro dude is devoted to documenting every step of his journey. Either he dons the rugged little camera on his head with unflattering elastic bands, or he clutches it while running, holding it up every now and then to capture his sweaty face and fellow marathoners in less than desirable states of despair. Go figure.

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