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This is KL city's new branding and tagline

KL city at night
Photo: Dreamstime

Update (April 29): In a recent report by Bernama published in The Star, Mayor Datuk Seri Mhd Amin Nordin Abd Aziz has assured KLites that the Kuala Lumpur Tourism Bureau is ‘open to improvements’ on the new KL logo and tagline. ‘Anyone who has ideas to improve the logo please do pass the proposal to me so I can table it to the bureau,’ he said, as reported. He further reassured that KL Tourism Bureau has plans to promote the logo, and that ‘it will take time to make adjustments’.


KL Mayor Datuk Seri Mhd Amin Nordin Abd Aziz yesterday unveiled Kuala Lumpur Tourism Bureau and City Hall's (DBKL) plans to boost tourism and travel to the city, the most notable of which is the official 'brand identity of KL' – complete with a new logo and tagline. This is it:

KL Brand

Kuala Lumpur is now known as 'A City of Contrasts & Diversity', and tagged onto its new logo are the words 'exciting', 'surprising' and 'enticing'. According to DBKL's latest release, this new brand identity refers to KL's 'contrasting heritage, multi-cultural society and religion, diverse attractions and metropolis'. In simpler terms, KL is unique, and 'contrasts and diversity' is apparently the way forward to distinguish our capital city from other cities around the world.

What do you think about the new KL brand identity?



Sulin L

My bet is they got the design from an agency who subcontracted to another agency who hired a design shop who hired a freelancer who got this one by some kid on FIVER. Globalization at its best mah

Boon L

Very amateurish at best.

Tom M

The identity has no soul. Just use it as a template and it can very well works for any third-rated real estate or immigration consultation business. The agency should be ashamed of not doing justice to one of the greatest cities in the world.

5 hours ago
Richard K

Is that photo of KL taken using a phone camera? Sure its a bad as pic...

Ck N

banyaknya font dia

Samantha T

They should've accepted design entries which meets certain criteria and let the public vote for their favourite.

There should really be more community we'd be encouraging competition and creativity, and the logo would be a better representation of what KL really is.

Christian A

Maybe the agency isn't good, but the CEO is well connected, which they describe as a major part of their succes on their website.  And how can anyone argue with the classical design trick of white on slightly less white.  

Nanny A

THAT atrocity is a logo??!!! You gotta be kidding!! That's 3 diff fonts strung together masquerading as a logo! Not just that, even the fonts (2 is enough!) and colours used don't reflect the so-called tagline! Pathetic!

Natasha M

If no budget they could've opened up the brief to the city's many design students to participate to share their logo ideas and the winning one could've been rewarded! I'm sure it would've been better and good PR for sure !

Sharing an example of how it should've been done. The city of Dubai is a success story.

Anna M

This is ridiculous, but I don't blame the designer. Probably had to change according to client's bad taste.

Liyin Y

So, this is what you call brand identity?? Wow, I think I have wasted 3 years of time and parents' hard-earned money studying graphic design in college, if only I knew a logo design could be created using Microsoft Word and Photoshop effects in just under 5 minutes!!

Madan A

Logo is too simple but the message is clear that multicultural homeless still live in kl after 12 go and do something about that first .thanks

Chin T

Malaysians think -_-.

Andy T

Bevel & Drop shadow? What? Did they just invented photoshop yesterday?

izwar z

"A city of contrasts and diversity".

Probably explains why they used three different (and ugly) typefaces.


Zack Y

This is a joke right? This can't be a real article. I mean, just look at that logo! Wait a sec...



Aliff A

Design pakai Powerpoint agaknya

Irwan E

2 minutes before the announcement - "i need a logo." "ok bos, siap!" taaaadaaaaaaahhhh.

Wahida Y

My (mediocre) sense of art never felt this insulted. We can't do this to our city. Please don't.

Carlos B

A five year old would probably do something more exciting. Hire a designer and if you have any, sack them. Diversity? Last time I checked they were around hunting down gays...


there are advertising artists for a reason. hire them.

Lee M

Though shall not use more than 2 font types ....

Jim S

Pig ugly - done by the mayor's nephew in Word perchance?

Garrick M

Looks like it was done in Photoshop 5

Desmond S

The idea is good but the logo designed in Word? Very ugly.

Timothy y

You gotta be kidding me. My washing machine instruction manual is more exciting than that.

Jonathan H

I'm curios to know who were the graphic designers for this project...

David Y

Note that some graphic designer sadly need to follow bosses desire and don't have a say. This is the struggling of graphic designers and being bad name because of the bosses.

MeNa K

this looks so old, they might as well design it in 8bit.

Shirin A

Are u sure thats the logo? you may want to check the official web of visitKL. 

Hahn Z

sound like The Indiana Jones next movie titles.

Deepak G

What would be a better title?

Wiri S

a logo that is neither exciting nor surprising and definitely far from enticing. try again and please put in a bit of effort.

Laís d

Wondering what font is that! Anyone got Windows '95 for a quick check?

Kate G

"A city of contrasts" is the very first thing that travel journalists are taught not to write about ANYWHERE. Because every place in the world claims it.

Marcus C

I'm scared to even start thinking about how much this cost. 

Entering sentences into Illustrator/Photoshop and adding a shadow/texture is NOT design.  (And that's paying them a compliment that they even used Adobe... It actually really looks like a Word 95 job... aka Wordart)

Kimi R

Come on lah. We are in 2016 lah not 1980 aiyo!

Agassi C

Who did the design? They had a competition among secondary schools? 

Amir R

i like the kuala lumpur words, sure the others looks like it made of from simple fonts from words but i can overlook due to the meaning it brings.... i hope. the "a city of contrasts and Diversity" really show KL Mayor knows whats up. so.. kewl.

Omar K

aiyo. pakai microsoft word ke?