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Try now: Tiana Kitchen's nasi lemak cake

Written by
Victor Ng

Recently there have been many new interpretations of the humble nasi lemak. Our city has seen the dish take on various unusual forms, but this new version of the nasi lemak definitely takes the cake. Literally.

Created by home-based caterers Tiana Kitchen, the nasi lemak cake is exactly what it sounds like – it’s our national dish in cake form. Filling in for the typical sponge cake is coconut rice layered with egg; cucumber slices replace frosting on the sides; and for the toppings you’ll get a heap of sambal, ikan bilis and roasted groundnuts. You can also choose different types of sambal to amp up the flavours – think sambal sotong, sambal petai and sambal udang.

Eat this like you will a regular cake. Or you can deconstruct your slice to look like a regular plate of nasi lemak again. There’s also a cupcake version if you’re looking for smaller portions. The cake is priced from RM58 and can serve up to seven people, while the cupcakes are RM4.90 each with a minimum order of six pieces.

 Check out their Facebook page for more information on the flavours and ordering procedure.

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