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Watch OJ Law's new video and single 'After All'

For all of his formula tweaks, OJ Law always gets back to basics, to a signature sound: making warm – but wistful – indie-pop, making art out of his uncertainties, but with the lightest touch. A year after he put out his fourth album ‘Let’s Be Adult’ – perhaps Malaysia’s first great modern indie-pop work – OJ Law yesterday released his latest single ‘After All'. It’s very pretty, to say the least, following in the lush, textured electronic footsteps of ‘Let’s Be Adult’ – and then there’s the wide-eyed wonder and winning melancholy of the lyrics: ‘After all this time / after all the years / after everything / I still want you I still love you I still need you’.

The song also comes with a video – one directed by Gavin Yap and starring Patrick Teoh, who is half-gleeful and slightly unhinged at the prospect of a big date later at night (there’s a big reveal at the end of the visuals). Even after all this time, after all the years, OJ Law is still our favourite tongue-tied introvert.

'After All' is available on iTunes and Spotify.