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You can now watch personal live streams of your favourite K-pop stars

Written by
Melissa Mazlan


If you've always wanted to know what your favourite K-pop charmers get up to when they aren't on stage, you'll be happy to know that you can watch personal live stream videos of their life off-stage. V is a live-streaming video app on Android and iOS that features more than 25 K-pop groups such as SM Town, Infinite, Kara, Apink, GOT7, Girls Day, Super Junior, and 2PM.

Just log in to the app using your existing LINE or Facebook account and voila, you get to see Kim Nam-Joon goofing off with his BTS bandmates or the Sistar girls hanging out. It's okay to postpone your Korean language classes because the app provides English subtitles for all content. We hear that Chinese and Japanese subtitles will be available soon.

Each group has their own channel with the 'star following' feature where you'll receive a notification when they start live broadcasting. There's also the 'Chemi-beat' feature, the relationship index between a celebrity and a user. The more you tune in, the higher your ‘Chemi-beat’ level. No word so far on the benefits you’ll reap from this feature but it’s enough to know if you have immense chemistry with your K-pop fave.

For more info about the app and broadcast schedules, visit

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