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You'll want to visit these shops in KL with resident pets

Written by
Nadia Rosli

Gone are the days when 'resident' cats and dogs only referred to the extra company you get at mamaks and food courts; it's now not unusual to walk into a shop and find a pet or two roaming around the premises. So the next time you’re out to get washi tapes or terrariums, keep these places in mind (because pet friends). If you know of other shops with resident pets we should make friends with, let us know in the comments.


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Raksasa Print Studio 
Bangsar’s coolest silkscreen studio is also sometimes home to Gemuk Holly the pug – although you could easily miss her since she’s tiny and black so keep your eyes open. Sometimes she (sort of) helps the Raksasa girls stuff plushies, sometimes she just makes faces. We’ve been told that for now she is definitely not invited to film screenings at the studio because 'she snores so loud'.


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Stickerrific’s three resident cats are Luke, Leia and Chewie and they basically run (around) the place. The arts and crafts supply store should really be crowned the patron saint of cats of Jaya One already; the three cats were all rescued from around Jaya One and sales from Stickerrific’s original postcards are used to spay or neuter cats around the area. Luke, Leia and Chewie are also available in sticker form.

Bangsar’s fluffiest black cats this side of Telawi are Blackjack and The Other Terror of Snackfood. They tend to walk on the display tables, perhaps trying their best to convince you to buy terrariums and/or Voluspa candles. Their other shop duties include becoming the mock audience for Snackfood’s many workshops.

PS: The Time Out KL team’s current wish is to get an office cat. Please get the word out. 

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