3 Faces

3 Faces

‘3 Faces’ is your chance to experience three very different dance styles on one stage. The first style is a classical Indian dance bharatanatyam, which is deeply rooted in Hinduism. Specially trained by the teachers of the Temple of Fine Arts, the dancers will present pushpaanjali, jatiswaram and thillana, elements of traditional Indian dances.

The second style is the popular Malaysian folk dance, zapin. Dancers will perform the Zapin Mahpom and an adaptation of the Zapin Pekajang, among others.

The final style is contemporary, made up of works by Joseph Gonzalez, James Kan, Raziman Sarbini and Suhaili Michelin. There will also be an additional special performance by Ng Xinying, a graduate from the Master of Fine Arts programme in Korea National University of the Arts.

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