Filemmakers Anonymous 18

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Filemmakers Anonymous 18

Returning for its 18th edition, this re-screening features eight films made by some of the newest talents in the Malaysian film scene. The films are:

'Masturbasi O'
Questions what is next for someone who’s travelling in uncertainty amidst loneliness and guilt.

'Langad di Odu'
Narrated by the granddaughter of the family, this is a tale revolving around a mother who misses her daughter who ran way to India to be with her lover.

'How to Sell?'
Due to the kidnapping of his girlfriend, Hak Gao is forced to accomplish the task set by the kidnappers, which requires him to sell goods.

A story about a girl who tries to get attention from her boyfriend too busy with his smartphone. Noticing this, a beggar catches her attention and tries to cheer her up.

'Kopi Dan Dia'
About a man who is caught between choosing his wife and his lover.

'3075: My Earth'
For her 18th birthday, a mother presents her daughter the gift to revisit Earth’s past, a time when the planet was still covered in lush greeneries.

'Man and Woman'
About a man who doesn’t go home.

A film that questions our reality in the form of a small conversation between a boy and a girl on a bridge in Malacca.

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