KL Eco Film Festival at Palate Palette

KL Eco Film Festival at Palate Palette

Rack up some eco-brownie points by catching some award-winning local and international films about the environment happening this Oct 2-30 at Palate Palette. Films screened include:

Beauty (Nostro Production, 15 min) Oct 9, 9.30pm
Malaysia's beauty as seen through the eyes of five students.

Traffic in Frenetic HCMC (Rob Whitworth, 2 min 20 sec) Oct 11, 9pm
Renowned for its packed streets, this short film captures the chaos and beauty of the traffic in Ho Chi Minh City via time lapse and darting camera movements.

Bikpela Bagarap/Big Damage (David Fedele, 43 min) Oct 11, 9.05pm
A tale of exploitation and broken promises, Bikpela Bagarap reveals the human face of logging in Papua New Guinea where the local people are treated as second-rate citizens by Malaysian logging companies.

Beyond Pollution (Barker White, Harper Robinson, Chris Shaw, Alisha Mims, 97 min) Oct 23, 9pm
The shocking story of greed and corruption behind the BP oil spill (America's worst man-made environmental disaster in history) is exposed. 

Tiger Dynasty (S Nallamuthu, 58 min) Oct 30, 9pm
Airlifted from her home in Ranthambore National Park, a young tigress named Baghani must learn to adapt to her new territory in Sariska National Park where all 24 tigers were wiped out by poachers.

Check KL Eco Film Fest for the full screening schedule.

Event phone: 03 2142 2148
Event website: http://www.palatepalette.com