KL Eco Film Festival at UM

KL Eco Film Festival at UM

Rack up some eco-brownie points by catching some award-winning local and international films about the environment happening this Oct 12-14 at University of Malaya. Films screened include:

Wira Rimba (WWF Malaysia, 45 min) Oct  12, 7.45pm
Find out the challenges park rangers in Malaysia face everyday in protecting our environment and its natural resources.

Wild Ocean (Steve McNicholas, Luke Cresswell; 45 min) Oct 13, 11am
Dive into the unseen underwater world of what the ocean's ecosystem should look like before the impact of mankind's developments.

Trashed (Bill Kirkos, 60 min) Oct 13, 5.10pm
The film peers into the causes and effects of overconsumption in the US, which leads to landfill expansions.

Canning Paradise (Olivier Pollet, 90 min) Oct 14, 4.30pm
The people of Papua New Guinea are fighting back against their government and the global tuna industry to protect their environment and sacred way of life.

Big Dream Little Bears (Howard Jackson, Dr Audrey Low; 52 min) Oct 14, 6pm
Borneo specialist Dr Audrey Low gives a rare glimpse into her former homeland in Borneo where she assisted sun bear expert Wong Siew Te in saving the smallest bears on earth.

Check KL Eco Film Fest for the full screening schedule.

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