KL Experimental Film & Video Festival 2013: Outdoor

KL Experimental Film & Video Festival 2013: Outdoor

KLEX, a grassroots artists/volunteers-organised festival, lures you away from mainstream films to dabble in experimental filmography. Expect short films and videos from Colombia, Spain, Russia, Hong Kong, Canada, Japan and Thailand. Here's what showing:

The latest in a series of three videos from Colombia.

The Hunter
An anti-boring performance that intends to highlight a contemporary conceptual paranoia, the rabbit world.

A piece of visual illustration that exemplifies what hermeneutics is.

A unique interpretation of news presentation with the usage of collage, banners and sound.

Square Dance Hypnotist
A film that goes back and forth between clips of outlaw individualism and the search for self within community.

The First Rain
A clip which employs the juxtaposition of images to create organic movements.

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