Malaysian film screening at The Gastro Project

Malaysian film screening at The Gastro Project

A two-week film festival is currently being held at The Gastro Project in collaboration with Zain & Co. The festival will feature nine award-winning Malaysian films, some of which will be introduced by the respective filmmakers and producers. The dates of screenings and appearances are as follows:

Apr 19 - Puteri Gunung Ledang (Saw Teong Hin - director)
Apr 20 - See Food  (Jeffrey Chiang - director, scriptwriter)
Apr 21 - Mukhsin
Apr 23 - Cinta (Khabir Batia, Mira Mustaffa, Datuk Abdul Rahman Ahmad)
Apr 25 - Ice Kacang Puppy Love (Adrian Teh, producer)
Apr 27 - Songlap
Apr 28 - The Red Kebaya 

Cover charge includes buffet refreshments.

Event phone: 03 7931 6465
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